BOLD How to be bold in business and win

As scary as hell…

For many brands, customer experience is their mantra. They design it, train their people, improve product and process – yet still fail to differentiate and win hearts and minds.

BOLD is the story of the brands that do win – and how they do it. They thrive because they have the courage to pursue purpose beyond profit, to challenge conventional thinking, to engage and entertain their audiences and create an almost cult-like following. They are not just different, but dramatically different. It requires courage, conviction and imagination to be bold and, as Robert Stephens (Geek Squad founder) said, it can be ‘as scary as hell’.

This book sets a new direction for customer experience. The brands featured are thinking big about changing the landscape of their industries by creating dramatically different customer experiences. Smith and Milligan’s new book will help organisations chart a course to success for many years to come.
Bernd Schmitt, CEO of The EX Group

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